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The Top 10 Reasons To Choose BORDEN Real Estate

                                                                             10. Locally owned & Family oriented.

                                                                             9. Small enough to look after you personally, big enough to look after you nationally.

                                                                             8. Supporter of local businesses, organisations, schools, and sports teams.

                                                                             7. Now in our 31st successful year.

                                                                             6. David BORDEN’s 41+ years of Real Estate experience working for YOU.

                                                                             5. Many successful RCMP and Military Transfers (IRP Relocation member).

                                                                             4. Honesty, integrity, & professionalism.

                                                                             3. Dedication to service is second to none.

                                                                             2. Proven track record.

and the # 1 reason for choosing BORDEN Real Estate is:


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